Chivalry Today… Where do Men Stand in an Age of Equality?

  • Julian Diaz
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  • May 5, 2017
  • In an age of equality where do men stand on chivalry? Do men even know what chivalry is anymore?  According to my trusted old Oxford Dictionary chivalry is the medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code.  It is also courteous behavior, especially that of a man towards woman.  There it is, spelled out in the definition to be a chivalrous man you must confront the age long dilemma of how to properly deal with the opposite sex.

    Many men, and woman for that matter, view the woman activist’s role as the extreme.  Like a Hitler without the mustache (sometimes with…) and fighting for good.  When in truth the equality they seek is in intellectual capacity and not trying to beat your dead lift record, so relax Rex your cut-off T’s are safe.  There is nothing wrong with opening a door for a woman, taking the outside of the walkway, giving her your coat and making sure she gets home safely.  Men evolved for these purposes and your mate will adore the royal treatment.  If she doesn’t appreciate a simple gesture of kindness and chivalry it ultimately has nothing to do with equality, that person is just a jerk.  There I said it, yes woman can be dicks too, equal rights and all that makes it their prerogative.

    At a deeper sense the ideals of chivalry are still a way of life.  The basic principles include:

    1. Truth – Truth comes down to trust. A man must build a reputation to live or die by with his words and more importantly his actions.  My favorite is when a guy says something like “If he says anything to you I’m going to punch him in the face!”.  No you’re not! Seriously it would have to be something very serious to demand that kind of retaliation for mere words so don’t say it in the first place.  The only outcome is you lose face in front of your friends and mate if and when your words are tested.
    2. Loyalty – Loyalty is proven at different junctures of a relationship. This loyalty includes the obvious like not cheating, but also the less obvious like not talking badly of your mate.  The little things add up on this one.
    3. Courtesy – This one is also in trouble with today’s society. Often I see people who are bullies and get their way being championed in our society, but if you take a step back and observe, these individuals rarely maintain their good fortunes.  When riches and relationships are built on less than ideal foundations they will tumble at the first storm.  Remember, treat others as you would like to be treated until they prove themselves undeserving.
    4. Justice – Justice is having the conviction to do the right thing and to show mercy when called for. There are few things less manly than jumping in the middle of the latest drama.  Tread above those trivial things of daily life and don’t be so harsh to judge others in circumstances you know nothing about.
    5. Defending the Weak – For me this one is obvious as I have devoted my adult life thus far to Law Enforcement and Soldiering. However, that is not the only way, simply my way of upholding this virtue.  One of the greatest acts of bravery I’ve ever seen was done by a ten-year-old girl.  I was in South Korea and came upon a large and mildly physical protest.  At that time school bells rang and children poured out of a nearby elementary.  I saw this ten-year-old girl sprinting up from behind the children thinking she was going to stop them from entering the fray.  Instead she went passed them and into the grown men yelling at them and pointing at the children.  To my astonishment these angry grown men split factions across the street and allowed the children to pass out of sight before renewing their argument!  That was courage and righteousness in its purest form.  She was in the right and she knew it.  Look around today and ask yourself who in your family, apartment building or work area needs an ally and take up your banner!